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21st Century Staffing Innovators

"21CSI is dedicated to win-win, for both customers and ourselves, both in the short term and the long run."

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Professional Development

21CSI uses E-learning to deliver "know that" factual knowledge. People can schedule e-learning programs "just-in-time". They immediately can apply what they learn on-the-job so that it pays off in increased personal productivity.

Complex interpersonal "know how to" skills require face-to-face interaction. 21CSI's group programs use video-based structured feedback to enhance personal skills. 21CSI's training goal is to create smart habits which translate into increased productivity on-the-job.

Through 21CSI's professional development programs, staffing professionals and hiring managers can improve their abilities to select high performance candidates and to interact with staff.

We also deliver WCI Press's Competency Styles® Work Shops for working professionals.

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Professional Development "Learning that (facts) is different from learning how to (techniques) is different from learning why (principles and their applications)."

"E-learning works well for facts and simple how-to techniques. Face-to-face interactions (role-plays with video-based immediate structured feedback) work best for developing complex interpersonal skills.
Case work and guided group discussion allow professionals to comprehend why to and why not to principles that they can apply back on-the-job".

Coaching / Mentoring


Coaching is not as simple at it sounds
. Being an effective coach is not just a matter of taking some courses and becoming a "certified coach". Really effective coaches demonstrate two things:

  • the right attitude
  • and the right aptitude.

The right attitude means that a coach will take the core skills needed to be an effective coach seriously, and continuoulsy expand these skills throughout their coaching career.

The right aptitude means that a coach has relevant personal business experience that fits the needs of the "coachee". Business Coaching is not "content free". Business coaching requires that the coach has more than factual knowledge. Business coaches need to have experienced the day-to-day demands of the "coachee's" job.

Finally, the personal fit between coach and coachee is crucial. Really effective coaches "flex" to the personality and learning requirements of each "coachee". Such coaches adapt the way they work with individuals to "fit" the way that the individual learns best.

As staffing coaches, 21CSI's goal is to make sure that the long term value you get far exceeds our cost to you.

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21CSI: Coaching Services "Many people really begin to get it when they work in a collaborative way with someone who knows how to grow their understanding and skills on-the-job. Such a coach will ensure that the coachees get credit for delivering the results valued by others. Background coaching, combined with this public credit, deeply embed the new ways of doing things as smart habits coachees will use independently in future."

Staffing Services

One Position or Many, Contract or Full Time, Executive or Skilled Individual Contributor ...

21CSI will handle one or more staffing assignments from start to finish. Or 21CSI will do part of a recruitment. You can even out-source part all of your entire recruiting activity to us.

21CSI will supplement your in-house recruiting team when work volumes exceed its capacity (peak hiring seasons, vacations, sickness ...).

21CSI's staffing protocols always focus on Performance and Culture Fit.

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KeyToSuccess "Superior performers, even if they have better skills and experience, don't perform at their best levels if they do not fit into your organization's current culture."



Talent is everything.

21CSI's consulting focuses on talent management. No organization, where ever it may be in the organizitional life cycle,

  • start up,
  • ramp up,
  • break out,
  • well established and growing,

will excel unless it gets its talent management processes right. 21CSI will work to you to acheive this.

21CSI's founders were leaders of talent based organizations. We know how crucial talent management success is to survival and excellence.


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Consulting Services"The job of the consultant is to make in-house folks heros, by contributing expertise, experience, and energy to the work that they do together."


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