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21st Century Staffing Innovators

"Increasing the capability of skilled professionals who already know your enterprise and understand your culture is a sure fire way to get a return on your development dollar."

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Coaching Your In-House Working Professionals

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We strongly believe in skilled transfer. You can also engage us to coach / mentor your professionals, hiring managers and knowledge workers. Less structured, and more broad ranging than our professional development programs, coaching allows talented professionals to grow rapidly, on-the-job.

We start all our coaching assignments with an objective setting session with the "boss". We discuss the coaching goals for the "coachee". Often, we jointly conclude that one of our professional development offerings will do the job. In that case, we will recommend it.

When the growth objectives for the individuals are more far ranging, we set out the
development goals for a coaching program. We then ask the "boss" to introduce the "coach" to the coachee. We jointly explain the personal development goals for the coaching / mentoring relationship.

Our normal coaching relationships last from 1 to 3 months. They usually involve weekly 1 hour dialogues. During these sessions, the coach and the "coachee" discuss on-the-job issues, new possible approaches and techniques. Our goals is always to allow the person to make their learning mistakes in dialogue, off-the-job. That way, we know that potential negative results from trying new approaches will be avoided and on-the-job productivity will improve.

Our coaching services are focused on:

  • interpersonal awareness and team work skills,
  • performance management,
  • boss-subordinate relationships,
  • and recruiting.
As part of the coaching process, we use WCI Press's Competency Style® work books to give "coachees" enhanced insight into their own work styles, and that of other people.

21CSI is now offering these Competency Styles® work shops as a seperate offering.


Coach-Mentoring Case: 21st Century Staffing Innovators
"One-on-one coaching is not the cheapest form of professional development. When the coach is a truly experienced professional, a person who has added coaching skill to a successful career history, expect to pay a significant 'per hour' fee. But shift your mind set to the ROI. If a coaching investment of $3000 - 10 hours at $300 a hour - leads to a 10% increase in the productivity of a $60,000 a year professional, the ROI is about $6000/$3000, or 200%."

Technique Mentoring

Sometimes one or more professionals need to be exposed to and guided through one or more particular techniques that will improve their effectiveness. Their first exposure to such skills may occur as part of a professional development program. Individuals recognize that they have acquired a basic understanding of the technique, but not the in-depth skills to get real value from it. A little mentoring will rapidly close this gap.

This developmental approach is more more focused than one-on-one coaching. Its objective is to bring your professional to advanced levels of skill in a particular technique quickly. The return on your investment is significant.


Best Practices
"Supporting in-house professionals in developing the advanced skills to use recruiting best practices generates significant ROI."


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