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  21st Century Staffing Innovators
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21st Century Staffing Innovators

E-learning programs are single-learner programs, which can be completed just-in-time before the need arises on-the-job. Applying new knowledge on-the-job is the key to getting immediate and long-term payoff from it.



E-Learning Professional Development Offerings
This page is a catalogue of what will be available. It is organized by course title. In future, clicking on a title will take you to a program page, which describes it in more detail. That page will allows you to add a "program token" for the e-learning program to your shopping cart.

The Links to the program pages will be added as they become available.



Core Learning Objective

Basic Interviewing Concepts Understand the core concepts on which all interviewing skills are based: rapport, open questions, closed questions, surface content and depth content.

  in development
Advanced Interviewing Concepts Understand the ideas of verbal following, representational system following, and surface - depth probing. In practice, all of these skills require an "in the moment" ability to accurately "hear" the interviewee's verbal content.

  in development
Position Charters:
Their preparation, verification and use
Understand the purpose of, and the normal sections included in a position charter. Gain insight into how the information needed to prepare a position charter is collected. Understand the process for verifying and finalizing it.

  in development

Performance Maps:
The Keys to Predicting and Evaluating On-the-Job Performance

Understand the concept of a job performance metric. Gain insight into its use for predicting a candidate's on-the-job performance. Comprehend its use in evaluating the probation period performance.
  in development

Competencies and Competency Profiles:
Basic Concepts

Understand what a competency is, how basic competencies relate to complex composite competencies.
Understand how a position competency profile is set up and used.

  in development
"What Would You Do in this Situation" Probes:
A Step Beyond Behavioral Interviewing

Understand how a "What would you do in this situation" mini-case relates to predicting on-the-job performance.
Developing "What would you do in this situation" mini-case probes using Position Charters and Competency Profiles.

  in development
The Recruitment Process:
Steps, Tasks and Roles
An overview of the Recruiting process, and the roles and responsibilities of the Recruiter, the Hiring Manager and the On-Boarding Coordinator.

  in development
Hiring for Performance and Culture Fit:
The Key to Avoiding Bad Hires
Understand the concepts of "candidate capability to position performance requirements" fit and the "candidate personality to workgroup / organization culture fit.
Understand how to predict on-the-job performance and on-the-job culture fit.

  in development
Using Linked In and Twitter in Recruiting

Understand Linked In profiles and how to use them to evaluate candidates.
Understand Linked In's Job Board feature and how to use it.
Understand Linked In Groups and how to use them for recruiting.
Tweets which generate candidates.

  in development
More to come ... ...      


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