21st Century Staffing Innovators
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21st Century Staffing Innovators

Over time, our professional development offerings, both e-learning and face-to-face, will continue to grow.

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Professional Development for Staffing Professionals, Hiring Managers and Knowledge Workers

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E-Learning Offerings
Designed to be done
"just-in-time", our e-learning programs are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via the Internet. Each program lasts from 30 minutes to 1 hour. E-learning programs cover the factual (know that) component of staffing and face-to-face interaction skills. They also develop relevant "personal skills", things that an individual can do by themselves on paper or using PCs. All our e-learning programs include e-learning quizzes and interactive components that allow learners to verify that they understand and can apply what they have learned.

Knowing that something is the case leads to new productivity on-the-job. Our e-learning programs are the place to start when an individual wants to acquire new knowledge about concepts that underlie recruiting or one-on-one interaction skills. They are extremely cost effective.


"E-learning, when used appropriately, has the potential to revolutionize both higher education and professional development. We are at the beginning. Once high definition video, combined with easier to use and cheaper video editing software, is generally available, the cost of producing high quality educational programs will drop dramatically. Talent and time, rather than budget and team size, will become the real competitive differentiators."

Face-to-Face Programs
Developing complex interpersonal skills requires face-to-face interaction. Our face-to-face professional development programs extensively use cases and role-plays. They include video-based and structured feedback. All our face-to-face programs develop "smart habits" that lead to immediate increased productivity on-the-job.

In-house programs for your staff can be conducted on your premises (or a conveniently located hotel). In-house programs have a minimum number of attendees, to ensure that participants have a rich learning experience. We also offer regularly scheduled out-house program delivery in various locations.They provide attendees with an opportunity to interact with professionals peers from other organizations. Scheduling of out-house programs is confirmed once we have a minimum number of registrants. Payment for these programs is not processed until this occurs.

Face-to-face programs last 1 to 2 days. We understand how difficult it is for professionals to get time away from work. Therefore, many of these face-to-face programs have associated "e-learning" programs that provide a prerequisite base of knowledge.

Competency Cycle

"Most work gets done by people using smart habits. Smart habits allow them to do most parts of their jobs without the need for a lot of conscious thought or detailed planning. Smart habits are what makes the workplace efficient. Smart habits take time and practice to develop. They underlie the resistance that people often put up when faced with change. People need to be given the time and the training needed to develop new smart habits when organizational change requires this. When this is not so, their resistance is 'smart'."

Our Program Developers and Facilitators

Our e-learning materials are developed by people who are both expert subject matter experts and skilled in e-learning instructional design. Often this means putting a development team together, since very few people have both skills.

Our face-to-face programs are led by our staffing experts. Not all of our staffing professionals facilitate these learning programs. The ones who do must have excellent facilitation and coaching skills, as well as current staffing experience.

Our Internet Professional Development Forums (Coming)

Participants in either our e-learning or face-to-face programs receive a one year membership in our Internet based professional development forum. Moderated by our recruiting professionals, these allow your people to ask follow up questions, and participate in recruiting relevant network discussions with their peers.


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