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21st Century Staffing Innovators

"Bad hires cost: in dollars, lost productivity and decreased morale."

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Individual Staffing Assignments
We handle
staffing assignments for you on a case-by-case basis, either as one-off's or as a campaign tied to an event in your enterprise. We provide recruiting / search services to all organizations. But our particular strength is knowledge workers and executives in:

  • A start up or break out enterprise which needs to hire one or more people in order to staff its enterprise's growth.

  • An enterprise turnaround / transformation which needs to find skilled people who are more than just technically capable.You need individuals who can move your culture from where it is today to where it needs to be in the future.

  • A well established organization that is creating a new position one which needs new thinking in order to define it clearly and provide a level of performance which defines the position for future incumbents.

Our candidate identification and evaluation processes start to blur the distinction between executive search and recruiting. Our strong focus on "what would you do in this situation" candidate evaluation focuses on how potential candidates will perform in your job, rather than on their past performance in previous positions. Our systematic "culture fit" follow up brings together the insights of all of the people in your organization who interact with each candidate on the fit to your culture.

Project Staffing Assignments

Companies often have short term staffing needs that may not fit into their long term human resources requirements. For example, the CEO of a hearing aid company wants to engage a small team of engineering and IT specialists to evaluate the possibility of adding "blue tooth" technology to his firm's hearing aid line.

We will staff such project teams for you. A number of our senior associates have deep experience with setting up and managing projects in IT, engineering, and organizational change. They will become actively involved in the project as "project producers", similar to the way in which movie producers take responsiblity for getting movie making projects complete.

We are strongly committed to "sunset approaches" to such project assignments. We will

  • find the team,
  • structure the project charter,
  • outline the key target points and deliverables,
  • create the project plan,
  • and manage / monitor progress

until you get what you need done.

Recruiting Well is the Key to Success
"The best candidate for you is not necessarily the highest performer in a short list candidate group. It is the individual whose personal capability matches the performance requirements of your job AND whose personality fits the current culture of your organization. Fit on both dimensions is the key to avoiding bad hires."
(Access a working paper that discusses this in depth.)

We start each assignment with a letter of agreement that updates and confirms the terms for the specific assignment.

Outsourced Recruiting
We will become your recruiting department. You outsource all (or part) of your staffing work to us. This makes business sense when:

  • You are not large enough as an organization to maintain a permanent staffing group.

  • You want the benefits of using staffing experts who bring knowledge of your enterprise and its culture to your staffing work, benefits that come with repeat work.

  • You want access to experienced, innovative staffing professionals who are constantly exposed to state-of-art practice and tools. You know that part-time recruiting by one of your human resources staff will not achieve this.

  • Your recruiting staff is facing a work load volume that exceeds their capacity, either short term or long term.

Professional Recruiters
"The day-to-day dynamics of recruiting and search will be profoundly impacted by social media on the Internet. How and when is not clear yet, since social media themselves are still rapidly evolving."

How We Work
We invoice based on
the time that we actually spend on your work, not on a retainer or contingency basis. Each engagement starts with a contracting process that generates a plan for the work that we will do for you.

We use our
innovative staffing protocols and tools for all of the staffing work that we do for clients.

To get more insight in our
full staffing process, run a browser based presentation by clicking on the image on the right. We do as many or as few of these steps as makes business sense in each of the staffing assignments that we do for you.

21st Century Way

Run a short browser based voice over presentation that describes the framework we use in staffing.


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