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Terms of Use

21st Century Staffing Innovators is part of Workplace Competence International (WCI). The enterprise is operated in accordance with the principles and values set out in this Terms of Use Statement.

Please read the Legal Notices and Conditions of Use below carefully before using this Web site. If you do not agree with these conditions, please exit this site.

Privacy Statement
Please read the rigorous Privacy Standards that we have adopted for operation of our web sites below.

Legal Notices and Conditions of Use

Web Site Content
The information contained on this Web site is subject to modification and update without notice.

Certain aspects of this Web site may have been prepared by persons not employed by Workplace Competence International Limited.

Workplace Competence International Limited holds and retains the copyright on all written content on this web site. All rights are reserved. The WCI logo is a trademark or registered trademark of Workplace Competence International Limited. Competency Styles is a registered trademark of Workplace Competence International Limited. The display of trademarks on this site does not imply that a license of any kind has been granted.

Myers-Briggs® and MBTI® are registered trademarks of Consulting Psychologists Press, Palo Alto, California, USA.

You acknowledge and confirm that the Internet is not a secure medium where privacy can be ensured, and that complete security and confidentiality over the Internet is not possible at this time. You acknowledge that part of maintaining your security during the use of our web sites requires that you take steps to adhere to our login ID and password process. You also acknowledge that maintaining the confidentiality of your login id and password when not logged onto our web sites depends partially upon your actions. We cannot control or take responsibility for the steps that you must take in your own environment to maintain this confidentiality.

We take steps to ensure that this confidentiality is maintained in our operating environment. We have in place both policy and procedures to limit access to your login id and password to only those people who need to know. Our initial login id and password issuing processes are automated, as our password reset procedures. Our staff and agents do not have access to your passwords in the normal course of their day-to-day work.

Based on these conditions, your confidential use of this web site cannot be guaranteed by us.You acknowledge that your use of the Web site (including information you transmit to this web site) may be subject to access by, or disclosure to, other persons beyond our control.. Without limiting any other disclaimer in this Terms of Use, Workplace Competence International shall not be responsible or liable for any harm that you or any other person may suffer in connection with any such breach of confidentiality or security.

Down Loaded Documents and Material

  1. At various points in this web site, you will find documents in Abode PDF format that you can download. All this material is for your own use only. WCI grants you permission to download a single copy of these documents onto your computer. You may print a single copy of these documents for your own use.
  2. Any use of these documents beyond this personal use must be governed by clear agreements between you and our firm. WCI retains the copy right and all other rights to these documents. You may not make additional copies without explicit permission from WCI. Please contact us if you wish to make broader use of these documents in your organization, or if you are interested in obtaining broader commercial rights to these documents and their content.
  3. When you access items on this web site that are governed by license fees or download fees, your rights to use will be governed by acceptance of item specific terms of use agreements that you must accept before you can proceed. If you disagree with these item specific terms of use agreements, please exit the process, and do not download or access the item covered by the associated license or download fees.
  4. You may incorporate a short quote from any of our documents or any of our web pages in any other material in any other form, electronic or otherwise, that you author, provided that you:

    • reference WCI,or the specific part of WCI named in the document or web page, as the copyright owner of this material,
    • reference the relevant web site as the source of the material, providing the url of the relevant web site page or download document,
    • provide the date on which you downloaded the document as part of the reference.

  5. We encourage you to create links to parts of our web sites, and hope that you will contact us so that we can reciprocate.

Use of Web Site

You agree that your use of this Web site shall be on an "as is" basis, entirely at your risk. Workplace Competence International, or any of its affiliated companies, or any officer, director, or employee of any of these companies, or any other person associated with the creation of this web site or its contents shall not be liable or responsible to any person for any harm, loss or damage that may arise in any connection with your use of this web site. Workplace Competence International shall not be responsible for any detrimental reliance that you may place upon this web site or its contents.

Privacy Standards
Workplace Competence International Limited is committed to upholding fundamental principles of honesty and integrity in our relationship with visitors to our web sites. To that end, Workplace Competence International has adopted rigorous standards of privacy and makes the following promise to every visitor to our web sites:

  1. When a visitor to a Workplace Competence International web site submits registration information as a prerequisite for accessing any content area of the Workplace Competence International web site or as a prerequisite for using any of its interactive services, Workplace Competence International will not share or sell that personal information to any outside agency, advertiser or other third party.
  2. Although Workplace Competence International will use "cookies" to track user patterns on its web sites, Workplace Competence International will not use cookies to learn the identity of its users, nor will we attempt to track users after they leave the Workplace Competence International site. Further, cookies will not be used by Workplace Competence International to gather specific personal information about individual users. The usage patterns tracked by individual cookies will remain confidential, and Workplace Competence International will not participate in any external site tracking programs, nor will we share any cookie-generated information about individual users or user patterns with outside agencies or advertisers.
  3. The use of cookies by Workplace Competence International will not result in a Workplace Competence International web site user receiving unsolicited e-mail from Workplace Competence International or its advertisers. Workplace Competence International will not supply e-mail addresses to any third party without having first obtained the consent of a user.
  4. Workplace Competence International may compile site-wide demographic information that it will share with advertisers, but it will not compile profiles of individual users, including the gathering of names, addresses, e-mail addresses and other personal information.
  5. Workplace Competence International may track user IP addresses for the purposes of systems administration, demographic profiling and traffic logging, but Workplace Competence International will not use IP addresses to try to identify individual users of the Workplace Competence International web site.
  6. Workplace Competence International will abide by all court orders, valid search warrants and subpoena.
  7. Questions about Workplace Competence International's Privacy Statement should be sent to Roelf Woldring.


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