21st Century Staffing Innovators
Talent leverages everything.

21st Century Staffing Innovators


"We value values-based behavior; we reward based on performance results."

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Who We Are

Our 3 Core Principles

1. "Give a person a fish and you feed the individual for a day. Teach a person to fish and you feed the individual for a life time."

(Chinese proverb)

We are dedicated to increasing your staff's'
on-the-job productivity through skill transfer.

Group Working "Just-in-time training and coaching for motivated professionals pays off in increased productivity; investing in 'as available' training / coaching for unmotivated ones does not."

2. "Past and current behavior, not verbal skill during
an interview, is the best predictor of on-the-job performance."

We move beyond interviewing. Our behavior-based selection protocols ask candidates to demonstrate how they will
perform on-your-job.

ThrowADart "Key word resume searches on massive Internet job boards are as effective as throwing darts at a large set of resumes randomly mounted on a wall."

3. "Transparency in our work is paramount. Clients deserve insight into the work for which they are paying.


We bill for our staffing expertise
based on time spent on client assigments (documented in time sheets), not retainer or contingency fees.

We charge for your in-house use of our automated staffing management tools on a
"pay as you use" basis.

We invoice for professional development on a per download (e-learning) or a per participant (face-to-face program) basis.


Paid Invoice "Clients pay appreciately when they FEEL and SEE that they have received business value."

Our Staff and Associates
"Past success is the key to future success."
All our people have been professional experts or successful managers before they became part of our team.

We train our people in our innovative staffing protocols. Their personal experience and their on-the-job performance success leads to their personal confidence and their mature people judgment.



Our Professionals "People with past on-the-job success in their lives are the ones best equipped to become predictors of others' future on-the-job performance."

Our Unique Background
We understand the Internet, e-learning, and job boards. We understand the cultures of startup, turnaround, breakout, and knowledge work enterprises.

We are deeply experienced in the selection and the management of technical professionals. We became staffing experts after we had demonstrated our personal abilities as high performance leaders, inspiring trainers, and innovative users of the Web.

Through our associated company, Workplace Competence International, we provide strategic enterprise transformation consulting services to innovative, ground breaking organizations.

Roelf Woldring, our Executive Lead, is the author of the quotations on this and the other pages on this Web site.


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