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The Core Competency Styles® Work Shops

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Why have work shops?

Each of the 4 core Competency Styles® work books is supported by a work shop. The work shops deepen attendees’ understanding of their personal results. They move individuals from words on paper to pragmatic insight and experience of behavior. They allow attendees to put what they have learned into practice. Participants experience the behaviors of other people with the same and different behavior patterns in real time. This helps each person transform personal insight into on-the-job behaviors. It will also deepen their team work and group effectiveness. The work shops are an excellent way to build teams.

A Typical Workshop Outline   Work Shops Increase the Power of Competency Styles® for Organizations

Time Activity
First 15 minutes Start up, facilitation and participant introductions, orientation
First hour Review of personal results - increasing individual comprehension
Second and third hours Working with individuals who are like me - understanding my own behavior patterns and the best way of working with someone who is like me

Working with individuals who are different from me - understanding others' behavior patterns and the best way of working with them
Closure Wrap-up - contracting for back on-the-job personal behavior change

There are 4 work shops, one for each of the 4 competency areas. Each work shop is 3.5 hours in length. Each work shop can accommodate up to 16 individuals. Half day work shops can be combined so that individuals attend for 1, 1.5 or 2 days. Any combination is possible.

We base our work shop fees on a "per participant" cost of $225 Canadian per attendee. Our materials are included. We need a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 16 participants. We will work our a customized arrangement if you want to run more than 1 work shop.

We will also work out a "training for trainers (T for T)" arrangement by which you develop in-house individuals to deliver these core Competency Styles work shops for your staff in future. We have work shop leader materials that we can make available to those individuals.

Our experience indicates that effective work shop leaders need a number of perquisite skills. All of these skills are transferable from one type of work shop to another.

  • Excellent presentation skills,
  • Effective one-on-one and one-on-group active listening skills,
  • Work shop management skills,
  • A first level of interpersonal confrontation and conflict resolution skills.

If you currently do not have people with these skills, we welcome the opportunity to work with your potential work shop leaders to develop these skills through a one-on-one coaching or a customized "T for T" program.

Workshops are delivered on client premises. If room rental is required, it is billed at cost.

If work shop leaders travel beyond 100 miles (160 kilometers) to and from their offices, travel expenses are billed at cost.

Please contact WCI Press to make arrangements.

Can we deliver the Workshops ourselves?

The Competency Styles® work books were designed to be used independently by motivated adults as a self development tool. Therefore, they make an excellent addition to education courses, professional development training programs and coaching activities for working professionals.

WCI Press supports individuals who want to use the Competency Styles® work books in their client programs. We know that the individuals who deliver these programs can make a substantial contribution to the richness of the work book experience for the participants. See examples of how you can use the work books in your client programs.

Individuals who choose to incorporate the work books in their programs normally will have credentials and experience as an adult educator, an HR professional, an individual or family counselor, a professional development trainer, a group process facilitator, or an executive coach.

If you are thinking of incorporating one or more of the work books in a program you deliver, we suggests that you do the following:

  1. Work through the relevant work book yourself.
  2. Contact WCI Press to see if the Work Shop Facilitator's Kit (Microsoft Power Point slides, Group Profile charts ... ... ) are useful to you.

Please communicate with WCI Press.. We like to know how you are planning to use Competency Styles® work books. We will make the relevant Work Shop Facilitator's Kit available to you. Since this is a special order item, you can only get one by contacting WCI Press.

Order facilitator kits or facilitator supplies.


Will you train individuals in our organization to deliver the Competency Styles® Workshops?

WCI Press maintains relationships with experienced Competency Styles® work shop leaders. These individuals will deliver a training-for-trainers program. The participants in these "training for trainer" programs normally have credentials and experience as adult educators, HR professionals, individual or family counselors, professional development trainers, group process facilitators, or executive coaches. They already have the interpersonal, the training, stand up presentation and the work shop management skills needed to work effectively with adults in a work shop setting.

We will develop a customized program for organizations, or a number of collaborating organizations, who want to deliver a Competency Styles® program to a larger number of their working professionals. WCI Press will:

  • help to make the initial connection with an experienced Competency Styles® work shop leader who will act as a coach/ trainer for your facilitators,
  • customize the work books and the Work Shop Facilitator's Kits to include direct references to your organization's environment if you want to do so.

    Please contact us at WCI Press to discuss the possibilities.


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