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"Participating in Groups: The GPS Profile: The Work Shop

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Although designed as self contained learning experiences for individuals, The GPS Profile work book is an effective tool for use in a group workshop. In these workshops, individuals not only get insight into their personal work group participation styles, but get practical insight into those of their work mates. They jointly learn how to mesh more effectively as they work together. They work through how to transfer these insight back to the job as effective "smart habits" that shape their future behavior in this and other team work situations.

The GPS Profile: The First Workshop workshop is effective in the following situations:

  1. as a team building program early in a new work team's life ,

  2. as part of a professional development program intended to equip professionals and supervisors with the skills they need on the job.

The Individuals who participate in this workshop will gain insight into their own team or group participation style, as well as that of the other participants. If they work with these individuals, they will be able to directly transfer the results back to their day to day work together. They will be able to use their insights into the group participation styles of the other attendees as a guide for understanding the group participation styles of their actual work mates.

A Typical GPS Profile Workshop Outline (1/2 day)

  Workshops Increase the Power of The GPS Profile for both Individuals and Organizations
Time Activity
First 30 minutes Start up, facilitation and participant introductions, orientation

Core Two Hours

"Understanding my results" - review of personal results and gaining of insight into what that means for "me" when I work in teams or group settings

Dialogue with individuals who are like me - understanding my own behavior patterns and the best way of working with someone who is like me

Dialogue with individuals who are different from me - understanding others' behavior patterns and the best way of working with them

Preparation of wall grid showing all participants' results

Last 30 minutes Wrap-up - contracting for back on-the-job personal behavior change


Using the The GPS Profile in more difficult team situations: The GPS Profile: Advanced Workshops

A skilled facilitator with experience in working with "teams in difficulty" can also use The GPS Profile:

  1. as an intervention intended to help a team become more effective when faced with complex deliverables and the stress of upcoming target dates,

  2. as an intervention into a team that is experiencing problems in the way the individuals in it are working together.

Roelf Woldring, one of WCI's managing partners, has a substantial track record in working with teams in such situations. He will work with your organization to deliver such workshops. They start out with the 1/2 day workshop described above.

In addition, Roelf works with the team for another 1/2 to 1.5 days, addressing their particular dynamics. This part of these programs is custom designed, based on an "analysis" done prior to the workshop with relevant team leaders or executives in the organization. It often involves the use of customized role plays, which are video taped for whole team de-briefing.



The GPS Profile Work Shop is delivered based on a cost of $375 Canadian per participant day. The required workbooks and course materials are included. Each work shop can accommodate up to 16 individuals and must have at least 8 to be effective.

GPS Profile: Advanced Workshops are custom priced. Each workshop can accommodate up to 12 individuals, and must have at least 6 to be effective.

Each GPS Profile: Advanced Workshops is based on a rate of $3000 US or $3300 Canadian per consultant day. The required workbooks and course materials are included.

GPS Profile Work Shops can be combined with team building or team problem resolution work shops that make up the rest of the day.

Workshops are delivered on client premises. If room rental is required, it is billed at cost.

If workshop leaders travel beyond 100 miles (160 kilometers) to and from their offices, travel expenses are billed at cost.

Please contact WCI Press to make arrangements.




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