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E-learning content development projects can range from small to very large, depending on the objectives to be achieved. We follow the same project management process for all size projects. In some cases, steps take minutes. In others, they take days.

Our approach does means one thing: our use of appropriate degree of project management that make sure that the project stays on time and within budget. In fact, we have found that the biggest failing of many skilled instructional designers is their lack of experience with project management. We simply transfer the PM disciplines we acquired through years of consulting and software development to the e-learning environment.

E-learning content development tools are becoming better every day. Combined with our rich professional development experience, our extended people management skill, and our profound knowledge of adult learning, you will find that we are an e-learning development studio with a difference. We understand what it takes. But we do it in a pragmatic fashion.

The best way to find out if we can develop a powerful e-learning program for you, whether it is oriented to just-in-time skill development, or intended to support a profound organizational change initiative, is to chat with us. We are passionate about e-learning. But our passion is tempered by our pragmatic need to serve our clients in realistic ways.


E-Learning Project Process

When we develop custom e-learning content for you, the intellectual property rights belong to you. But we also develop our own "professional development" e-learning content under the WCI Press label. A variation of one of our existing programs might meet your needs. We will license it to you when this makes business sense to both of us.

When appropriate, and if it makes business sense, we will discuss "generic-sizing" your custom content with you. We are happy to negotiate future royalty sharing arrangements that could earn you back your e-learning program development costs. In past times, partnership arrangements like this in the software development arena paid off handsomely for both parties. This business model can apply to e-learning as well.


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