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Corporate Renovation: Contracting for Results ...
"Shape the Future, don't appraise the past."™

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The most senior executives leverage organizational assets, both human and financial, that far exceed their compensation levels.

Forward looking performance contracting,
not backward looking performance appraisal,
is the key to liberating executive energy
so that your executives can focus on delivering
the results needed in your organization.

Personal performance contracting
is the first step to cascading
a forward looking approach oriented to
achieving performance excellence
down throughout your entire organization.


Watch Why Performance Contracting - a short voice over which explains why your organization needs it.

Watch C-Level Performance Contracting: Get It Done- a short voice over which explains how we work with clients to develop performance contracts for individuals in the C-Level suite.


You would not sign a contract for deals of this importance with external partners without engaging a lawyer - a legal professional.

Engage us as executive performance contracting professionals for your senior leaders.
Get enforceable, concrete measure based performance contracts that clarify expectations and focus delivery on your desired results


Golden Parachute

A story about executive performance ...

WS was appointed CEO of Sample Corporation by the Board of the organization. Everyone is full of hope about WS’s leadership. WS had been selected by the Board to bring about fundamental change. The Board wanted to see an immediate improvement in short term results, as well as an in-depth focus on revitalizing the organization for its long term future.

At the end of the first year, the Board was perturbed. Things were not going quite the way that its members had expected. By 18 months, there was serious disillusionment. At the end of 24 months, the Board reluctantly agreed that WS had to go, even though it meant paying out a large “golden parachute” settlement.


This story is repeated all too often ...

In our work with organizations, we see this happening often, and not just at the CEO level. Enterprises have difficulties clarifying the performance required at all senior levels.

Superiors expect and hope, more than they contract for performance.


We see three core underlying reasons for this.

Senior leaders do not treat the personal performance contracting process in the same way that they treat other large contracting processes. They lose sight of the fact that senior executives leverage people and dollar assets worth tens to hundred of millions of dollars. When the same senior leaders acquire hard or intellectual property assets of far less value, they immediately involve independent lawyers to prepare and to vet t
he contracts.


Signing Contracts

Tape Measure
Personal Performance Contracts that do not include concrete, observable measures for each of their objectives are not worth the paper on which they are written.

Personal performance contracting at the senior level almost never leads to concrete, observable measures for each objective unless the contracting process is led by a third party to act as facilitator / drafter / mediator. This person must have significant personal executive experience, as well as first class “honest broker” skills to succeed in this role.


Facilitating Contracting

Personal Performance Contracting addresses all three ...

We are the independent third party. Our senior consultants have been successful executives in their own right. They are accomplished performance contracting facilitators. They create concrete performance expectation clarity for both sides.

Key to Success

Strategy On Napkin

We take care to understand the implicit / explicit strategic strategy of your organization as part of our work. We ensure that your strategic direction cascades down into specific objectives in individual personal performance contracts


We ensure that each objective in a personal performance contract is related to a results measure that is understood and agreed to by both parties. As a result, both sides can see where they stand on the item throughout the performance  period. There are no more surprises. There is no slow build up of frustration.



Org Chart
The work that we do with a few senior executives
sets an example that cascades down the  rest of the organization. Effective executives implement similar approaches in the performance contracting they do with the folks who work for them. As a result, our impact is often much broader than just on the seniors leaders with whom we work directly.

The results are dramatic. Forward-looking clarity eliminates backward-looking unhappiness. Lack of delivery becomes clear to both sides throughout the performance period. Corrective pro-action replaces disgruntled reaction. Positive results displace “golden parachutes”.


Team Pushing Graph



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