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Things I believe about life in organizations:

  1. Feedback brings Awareness, 
    Awareness brings Choice, 
    Choice brings Freedom, 
    Freedom brings Effectiveness.
    "All effective professional skill development is based on this fundamental progression."

  2. "Shape the Future, don't appraise the past. Performance contract with and coach your direct reports. Performance appraisal is a waste of time that deepens frustration and distrust between them and you."

  3. "Any time, any place, self-chosen, personally motivated professional development using e-learning, reinforced with feedback enriched, simulation based skill practice, results in skill change back on-the-job."

  4. "Performance based recruiting is the key to hiring excellence."

  5. "Our evolved instinctive abilities helped us survive on the plains and in the bush, but often don't deliver in modern organizations. We have to move beyond our instinctive abilities to be effective organizational players."


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Roelf Woldring


These days I am as much an Internet Entrepreneur as I am a coach, consultant and author.

I am passionate about the huge contribution effective e-learning can make to people in Western organizations. Even more so, I deeply believe that inexpensive e-learning is one of the largest contributions those of us in developed countries can make to the future of next generations in the developing world. Give the young people there skills and knowledge, and they will astonish us by the way that they tackle the problems of our overcrowded, dimishing resource dependent globe.

My Background ...

I have been working with computers and people for all of my career. I had the opportunity to gain both technical and managerial experience with all of the aspects of information technology - application development, operations management and project management. I have been a CIO. I have been a CEO. I have lead major turnaround assignments in organizations in both the private and public sectors.

I have held both executive and interim executive posts, usually with a change orientation. My consulting experience spans the financial services, transportation, energy and non-profit sectors.

I am an experienced facilitator, mediator and dispute resolver. I have worked extensively with modern competency based approaches to human resource management. I have been involved in the "training for trainers" of facilitators. I have been a successful executive coach,calling on my interpersonal skills, as well as my success in developing subordinates who have gone to succeed in their own careers.

My post graduate studies are in work place psychology. Early in my career, as an IT project manager, I realized that technology problems in organizations are ultimately people problems. Consequently, I chose to learn about how they behaved in the work place in my post graduate education. The psychology of the work place has fascinated me ever since.


My Writing ...

My first piece of serious business writing was the creation of a Critical Path Method manual for Canadian National Railways in the first years of my working career. I have not stopped writing in a work context ever since.

I have been publishing on the web since the mid 1990's. These days, I "write" as much through voice over and animated presentations as I do in traditional typed words. You will find pieces of mine in many places on this site, as well as on my personal website - roelfwoldring.com and other places on the Web. Pieces I wrote many years ago in traditional media seem to have a way of suddenly appearing on the Web.

I developed WCI Press's Competency Styles® program for personal professional development based on my frustration with many of the skill development programs that I paid for my subordinates while an executive.

The core Competency Styles® personal development workbooks are available from Human Resource Development Press and Amazon.com.


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Feedback brings awareness,  Awareness brings choice, Choice brings freedom, Freedom brings effectiveness.

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