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Roelf on Twitter


Roelf on Twitter


Most work days - on management, workplace, political and social topics.
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Reflections on Life, Work and Society


Roelf's Blog

  Blog on personal, work place and social topics.
"Shape the Future: Performance Contracting"   PDF  

A short book on performance contracting that you can download. "Shape the Future, don't appraise the past."™   Move from the drag of backward looking performance appraisal to the joy of forward looking perfomance contracting. This book contains URLs that link to other performance contracting resources posted by WCI on the web.

"The Steep Cost of Bad Hires - Avoiding Hiring Mistakes"

  Word Press Blog for May-June 2010  

A pdf version of Roelf's May - June 2010 WordPress blog.
updated since then

"The Reality of Enterprise Turnarounds"

  PDF   Enterprise turnarounds are complex. They require turnaround leader to carefully manage both relationships with internal leaders and with members of the enterprise's Board. They often fail. The nature of these dynamics is explored. As well, the progress of the turnaround, and its critical "succeed or fail" points are placed in the context of two general models of the dynamics of organizational change.

"A Sustainable, Staged Approach to Major Organizational Change"


Change at the enterprise level requires careful planning. This framework of successful, staged organizational change can be used as the basis on which change leaders and their sponsors negotiate a specific plan for turning around a specific organization.

The framework is based on the experience and best practices of successful change leaders.

"The Right Fit: Investing in Leaders for Startup, Turnarounds and Break Outs"


Browser based voice over presentation

CVCA held a professional development session on April 21st, 2010 at the Toronto Board of Trade. Communitech has hosted a number of sessions that discussed leadership in tech start ups. This voice over presentation summarizes and extends the insights many of these insights and reflections.
(Access the PDF version. - no voice over.)

Enterprise Model of Organizational Culture

One page model of the factors that underlie and shape an enterprise's culture.

"The Changing Business Called Executive Search"
Browser based voice over presentation
Executive search is changing rapidly after the 2008-2009 recession. Partly driven by shifting demographics (the movement of the baby boom generation out of the workplace) and partly driven by economics, senior search professionals will need personal executive experience in order to assess candidates based on information processing, decision making and interpersonal behaviors, rather than candidates' interview skill. More and more, enterprises will contract for search as senior level management consulting rather than as a "retained" service.
(Access the PDF version - no voice over.)

"Learning Organizations, Work Flow and Information Technology"


Browser based voice over presentation


The leaders of organizations often label their organization as a learning organizations, without understanding how to manage work flow design and information technology implementation in order to achieve learning organizational effectiveness. Staged change is necessary to ensure that learning does not overpower the innate inability of human beings to deal effectively with continuous change.
(Access the PDF version. - no voice over.)

"Breakout Executives: What It Takes"


Often investors and other stakeholders must make decisions about the kind of executive leadership required to take a start up or other enterprise to the next level of profitability and scale. Not all big organization executives are capable of doing this. There are good reasons why.

"Frameworks for Managing IT Project Risk"


Browser based voice over presentation


IT project risk can be effectively estimated and managed. All it takes is a useful framework, the willingness to use it properly, and senior management determination to ensure that risk mitigation plans are in place for high risk project factors. At the same time, by assessing the likely impact of project failure on the business, scare organizational resources can be appropriately distributed over the portfolio of current IT projects.
(Access the PDF version - no voice over.)

"Enterprise Architecture In Large IT Organizations"


Browser based voice over presentation


Large IT organizations often got lost in a power struggle between the Enterprise Architecture Group and the delivery project teams. It does not need to be so.
(Access the PDF version - no voice over.)

"Power to the Edge -
a new approach to creating more agile organizations"
Applies the Edge Organization ideas used by the Pentagon's Command and Control Research Program to frame the thinking about a major business transformation project. The Edge organization principles, in a military context, were explained in "Power to the Edge" by David S. Alberts and Richard E. Hayes (2003). Many of the Edge organization principles are helpful in the context of modern health care organizations.

"The Widget Story
: Performance Management as the Key to Organizational Change"


People have implicit mental models of their jobs. They don't change them easily. Performance management - personal performance contracting and feedback - are key processes to use to change these models. Unless these implicit mental models change, an organization cannot change. Change leaders often change out the players, simply because they do not know how to use performance management to accomplish these changes in people's mental models of their jobs.

WCI Press paper and electronic publications


Paper and PDF


The six Competency Style® personal skill development Workbooks .

WCI Press material on competency management in the workplace.


"Effective Enterprise Leader Performance"

Ken Blanchard and Paul Hersey published Lead/Self, a self insight tool that has been used by millions of business professionals to get clear on their personal group leadership style, in the 1980s. Contingency leadership theory also applies at the enterprise level, although the conceptual framework needed to frame it requires insight into leadership competencies. (Originally prepared in MacDraw on a MacIntosh, before Power Point become the almost universal presentation tool.)

"What's Wrong with Leadership Training Anyway?"
Providing leadership training may not be the best way to spend scare training dollars.
Published on the HR.com web site.

"A Guide for 'Coachees': Things to Reflect On When Working with a Personal Coach"
A guide for individuals working with a business coach.

"A Manager's Short Primer on Resistance to Change in Organizations"

Every manager makes change of some kind, and every manager experiences resistance to it. This primer provides some guidelines on ways of responding to resistance.
Published in the OD Section on the HR.com web site.


"One Manager Asks: What Kind of Training Makes Sense?"


Every manager need to make wise training investment decisions. A checklist of five questions can help.
Published on the Chief Learning Officer web site.
(CLO site at: http://www.clomedia.com/)

"Facilitating Meetings"
Everyone attends meetings. We all "learn" most of our meeting participation and management skills "on the fly" through "on-the-job" attendance at meetings where we absorb things that seem to work (or not) from others. This book  takes a structured approach to developing meeting participation and meeting management skills. (Work in progress.)

Shorter articles on workplace psychology topics



"Technical Writing ... or Getting Paid to Write (Sometimes)"

In the June of 2005, Roelf give a presentation on Technical Writing at the Canadian Authors' Association Annual Conference.

"Personal Professional Competencies" - WCI's PPC Program
Presents the conceptual background to the development of the Personal Professional Competency program and the Competency Styles® tools.

"Managing Pilot Projects"


Describes how pilot projects are best structured and managed.

"Handbook for New Members of Automation Project Steering Committees"

Helps new members of automation steering committees understand their role.

Feedback brings awareness,  Awareness brings choice,  Choice brings freedom, Freedom brings effectiveness.

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