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The Firm

We operate as a virtual firm. We maintain active relationships with senior associates and business partners. We use the Internet to connect our teams. Each of us has an office somewhere. We get together regularly in face to face meetings as the needs of our business and client work requires. We use the Internet, telephone, voice conferencing and computer technology to behave as if we were all in the same office. We often include individuals from our clients in such exchanges.

We work with senior associates and business partners who have extensive experience in their areas of expertise. As a result, we can field senior teams who can met any size client requirement.

This "small but large" approach allows us to bring the strength of larger teams to our clients while keeping our operating expenses low. We pass on this benefit to our clients in our rates.



Staff and Associates

The firm is headed by Roelf Woldring

Roelf acts as managing partner on client assignments. We build delivery teams as appropriate to the requirements of specific client assignments.


Roelf's profile on Roelf on Linked In.




How We Deliver Our Services to Our Clients

  1. We negotiate explicit agreements covering our assignments. They clarify the work we will do, the time frame in which we will do it, the deliverables that will be produced, the terms under which the work will be done, and the estimated fees for the assignment. We build in clear review dates at which point our clients can make go/no go decisions for the rest of the assignment.

  2. We believe that consulting projects are most effective when they involve staff from the client organization. This allows for clear sunset clauses for the consultants and knowledge/skill transfer to client staff.

  3. We deliver our professional development training and coaching programs on an in-house basis. This allows the client staff who have new skills the ability to support one another as they implement these skills in behavior change back on the job. We will customize our programs to meet clients' specific needs.

  4. We incorporate our own and others' personal development self descriptive instruments into the coaching and professional development training programs that we deliver. We choose the self descriptive or 360° instrument that is right for what we are training to accomplish, rather than limit ourselves to only one instrument. We maintain certifications in several leading instruments in order to be able to do this.



Our Consulting Approach

We are strong believers in skill transfer and project management. We shape our assignments to suit the needs of our clients. We focus on helping the client address their definition of the problem. As a result, we can bring any size team, from a single individual, to a full project team to our assignments.

We set clear go/no go decision dates in our assignment proposals, and regularly inform our clients of both work and billing status.

People, Process and Tools Framework

We believe that organizations change when they follow change plan that integrate activity in all 3 of these areas. Consequently, we use the People Process Tools Framework as a guide in all of organizational consulting work that we do.

Project Management Framework

Experience with projects has taught us that managing the tradeoffs between scope, quality, time, and cost is the core of successful project management. Our projects are structured following a set of project management principles that have proven themselves again and again in addressing these tradeoffs.



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