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  Managing Conflict
What is this program?   How is it structured?

Put people, shared resources, and performance goals together, and you will soon discover conflict. The more you know about it, the more effective you will be as a contributor and leader in your organization.

To manage conflict effectively, you must have a set of analytical tools to help you figure out what is going on in a conflict situation. As well, you must the interpersonal skills to convey your views and to respond to others constructively.

This one day course offers both analytical and practical interpersonal learning opportunities. It also introduces participants to an innovative tool for navigating difficult situations called The Conversation Guide™.

Topics covered include:

  1. The Dual Nature of Conflict
  2. The Cost and Opportunity of Conflict
  3. An Interest Based Approach to Conflict
  4. Components of Conflict
  5. The Circle of Conflict - A Strategic Tool
  6. Core Conflict Management Skills
  7. Your Personal Conflict Style
  8. Conflict Conversation Guidelines
  9. Managing Conflict Triggers
  10. The Conversation Guide™ - an innovative tool for managing conflict.

This is a one-day on-site program. The course facilitators dialogue with the sponsoring organization prior to the actual course, so that the role-plays and conflict situations included represent situations that occur in the organization.

Participants complete a self-descriptive instrument that provides them with insight into their own conflict management style, as well as that of others.

Using this insight, individuals then practice and increase their conflict management ability through structured role-plays and simulations.

Managers and team leaders who must manage conflict between others in will benefit from the program.

The course has been offered through the Institute of Charted Accountants of Ontario in the past.


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