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We are not "just another training firm". We only deliver professional development programs when organizations are prepared to work with us to customize programs, and do not see WCI as "another possible source" for standard programs. We are "top of the line" and have a consistent record of receiving greater than 4 out of 5 ratings on all of the professional development program assessments for over 10 years. We developed this approach as a result of having spent millions of dollars on staff training as line executives.

This part of our practice flourished for many years. However, WCI's Managing Partners started to be asked to take on assignments interim or in-house executives. As a result of this evolution, we lowered the energy we put into this part of our practice.

WCI still looks forward to doing this type of work with clients. However, we now do it only on client request, and no longer actively market it.

If you are interested in the programs that we could do with you, browse the kinds of professional development programs that we have delivered over the years to see if they fit your professional development requirements. Or surf to a description of our individual coaching services.

Read on to see what many years of experience as executives and as trainers and coaches has taught us about the realities of successful training and professional development.

What Our Experience has Taught Us

Roelf has administered large training budgets as executives, as well as delivered professional development programs for over a decade. This experience has taught 4 things:

  1. Investing in training for individuals only makes sense when the people have a chance to immediately apply their new skills back-on-the-job.

  2. Interpersonal skill training requires customization "to the job". Applying new interpersonal skills on-the-job requires explicit practice in roles play that are customized to match the on-the-job environment. This means that the training team must know who to create such role plays, manage them and debrief them in an effective way. It also means that the individuals must be provided with an appropriate support structure so that they a chance to deal with the inevitable resistance to the changes in their behavior that they will experience from their co-workers when they get back to the job.

  3. 20% of the skills get us through most normal work situations. That is why most 1 or 2 day interpersonal skill courses seem to work. Most organizations are not prepared to invest the time and dollars that it takes to develop the other 80% of the skills that we need to deal with the sticky dynamics that make up the other "difficult" or "stressed" work situations. Becoming competent at dealing with these dynamics often requires repeat training, structured mentoring and coaching. Becoming an expert takes years of progressive development. Very few people are motivated to do this. Even fewer trainers are skilled in delivering such professional development.

  4. Top of the line professional development and coaching is expensive. Most organizations are not prepared to pay for it in either dollars or time off the job. The market for it is limited. Reasonable pay-back from it for the organization footing the bill means that they must limit it to extraordinary situations - high potentials who are likely to stay with the organization, or teams who can make an immediate and highly valued contribution to the organization.

Roelf has published on these issues. Here are two articles that may interest you.

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2. "One Manager Asks: What Kind of Training Makes Sense?"

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