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WCI Press's Mission  


"Publish personal and professional development material on paper and on the Web."

Many of us use the Internet on a day to day basis in order to do our jobs. Others just surf for the joy of it. Some of us use the Web as a tool for growing and developing ourselves.

For all of the people who interact with some part of the Web each day, there are still many who prefer to read and to work with paper.

WCI Press will reach out to both communities. We will use dedicated web sites like www.competencystyles.com to allow people to access our publications. As we grow, we will also innovate by putting our personal and professional development material on the Web in an interactive form.

Our approach to professional development is based on a consistent set of core principles. Click here to see them.

Limitations on Use of the Free Material and Documents:

Like all of the material on the WCI web site, you may download a single copy of the free documents for your personal use. This includes printing a single paper copy of a document that you have downloaded. All material is provided in Adobe Acrobat format.

If you want to do more than this with any of this free material, please contact WCI Press,  (This includes using any of our materials in any courses that you may be delivering in either an educational or professional development setting.)


For more information on using WCI material, please read our Terms of Use.


1. The Competency Styles® series of workbooks are available. They have been published by HRD Press of Amherst, Massachusetts, and are available through the HRD Press and through Amazon.com. Click here to go the Competency Styles® site. Click here to go directly to the "shop for" page on that site.

Workshop Facilitator Guides and other workshop materials are available from WCI Press on the Competency Styles® web site.

Go to the Competency Styles® web site to find out more.

2. Competency Management: HR For Adults

A book of overheads used in a 3 day course introducing competency based HR techniques and processes.


  •  competency management,
  •  the nature of competencies,
  •  competency based recruiting,
  •  competencies and individual development,
  •  competency modeling.

Click here to get it.

The competency based approaches described in Competency Management: HR for Adults are supported by the a variety of competency materials developed by Roelf Woldring. This material is intended to be illustrative only. Using any of it requires relevant training and an appropriate business background.

Click here to get it.



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