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Becoming an Interview Wizard: An Introduction




Interviewing is an invaluable competency, not just for journalists and investigators, but also for working professionals and managers. The need to conduct a "conversation with purpose" for the purpose of getting needed information comes up each and every day in a working professional's life.

WCI is deploying an e-learning program that addresses Interviewing. The program consists of a short introduction, "Becoming an Interview Wizard: An Introduction". This voice over presentation introduces an e-learner to the basic ideas and component skills that make up the interviewing competency. (You can access it today.)

"Becoming an Interview Wizard: The Skills You Need" delivers more depth. After completing it, an e-learner completing it will understand:

  • what interviewing is,
  • what interviewing is not,
  • the various business, commercial, journalistic, and investigative contexts in which interviewing is used,
  • the 15 component skills used by interviewers;
  • which of the 15 compotent skills are used in which interviewing contexts,
  • and the nature of each of the 15 component skills.

These "know that" e-learning programs are expanded by 10 "know how"l e-learning sessions. Each one focuses on one of the ten component skills that are used in all interviewing situations. These ten units all use short video clips to model skilled and unskilled versions of the skills. Video clips are also used to provide learning game question prompst and skill development drills.

An final e-learning progam will be devoted to "intergrating these 10 component skills into a single competency" in the business contexts in which interviewing is invaluable.

As long as these are available here, you may access these programs for evaluation purposes, or for your own personal development. They run inside of an Internet browser. You may not download them for any purpose without contacting us for permission.

Becoming a Feedback Wizard



An e-learning program that uses short animated video clips and structured active exercises to allow working individuals to acquire the skills necessary to give others behavioral feedback.

The ability to give effective behavioral feedback is a core interpersonal competency needed for personal professional development and the coaching of direct reports. Few training programs exist which break this competency down into a series of manageable component skills. Everyone seems to assume that this competency just comes naturally with the movement up the career ladder to the "manager" level.

When professional professional programs do address feedback, they usually present it as a simple skill, which individuals can acquire through reading or attendance at a largely lecture based program. Few of these programs deliver more to individuals more than facts (know that) about giving behavioral feedback. As a result, feedback behaviour back-on-the-job seldom changes as a result of attendance at such programs.

Giving behavioral feedback under all conditions, including ones involving stress between the two interacting individuals, is a complex competency that integrates 5 component skills. This WCI Press program breaks giving behavioral feedback down into these 5 skills. It guides individuals through the steps needed to acquire each one. It concludes with a number of practice scenarios that integrate these component skills into a single competency.

The program uses short animated video clips to:

  1. show e-learners models of effective and ineffective feedback behaviors,

  2. set problem cases and short scenarios to which participants respond in order to develop their personal skills in the component behaviors.

The final program will be available to individuals over the web and to organizations for licensing for distribution through their Learning Management Systems (LMS).

As long as it is available here, you may access it for evaluation purposes, or for your own personal development. It runs inside of an Internet browser. You may not download it for any purpose without contacting us for permission.

The e-learning development platform employed to create this program was Microsoft Power Point, Articulate Presenter Studio and Xtranormal State Desktop (Beta). Unfortunately, Xtranormal shut down in July of 2013.

WCI Press and WeCrut4U.com are both part of WCI (Workplace Competence International Limited).

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