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Executive Performance Contract Facilitation
Turning Around Organizations: A How To Guide


We work with executives in your organization to develop individual performance contracts.

Watch this voice over presentation to find out more about why this pays off and how it is done ...

The third section of the book "Turning Around Organizations: A How To Guide" shows how performance contracting facilitation is used to drive a major organizational change.

The same approach works well to align the forward paced performance of your executive team. The resulting executive alignment cascades down your organization, and drives up your organization's performance.


Implementing Performance Contracting in Your Organization
Performance Appraisal is Dead - Long Life Performance Contracting


WeCrut3 performance management consultants work with talent management executives in your organization to implement performance contracting, or to migrate to performance contacting from an existing performance appraisal approach. Our team works with your in-house team to get up Performance Contracting up and running as quickly as possible.

Watch this voice over presentation on why performance contracting beats performance appraisal ...(download just the pdf)

Governed by a well-defined project plan, WeCrut4U's team contributes performance contracting and organizational change expertise.

The third section of the book "Performance Appraisal is Dead - Long Live Performance Contracting" provides an example of a direct report / manager handbook that could be used as part of the training component of such a migration.


Performance Appraisal Effectiveness Assessment


Working for a senior talent management executive sponsor, the WeCrut3 consulting team uses quantitative and qualitative data gathering and analysis to see how well your current performance appraisal approach is engaging, motivating, inspiring and developing your talent.

  1. A quantitative survey of your managers and their direct reports to check their level of engagement with and motivation resulting from your performance appraisal system.

  2. Qualitative interviews with a sample of employees and managers to add depth and insight to the survey results.

  3. Longitudinal analysis of your employee records to analyze the year over year distribution and progress of employees at all PA rating levels.

Client executives use the resulting "Performance Appraisal Report Card" to "fix" their organizations's existing performance appraisal approach, or to make the decision to migrate to performance contracting.

Performance Contracting Software Service
(in development)

SaaS solution for creating, updating and using Performance Contracts at all levels of your organization.

WeCrut3 is currently developing a Performance Contract Software solution that will be offered as a Software As A Service (SaaS) basis.



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