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Frequently Asked Questions

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Clients, and potential clients, ask us these questions ...

1. How much recruiting have you done?

2. What industries do your specialize in?

1. How much recruiting have you done?

Lots, but most of it has been for the organizations for which we worked as employees.

Go to Our Recruiting Credentials page to find out more.

2. What Industries do you specialize in?

Small and medium sized business that cannot afford to make hiring mistakes. We understand their needs. They generally need very flexible individuals who can work in conditions which are not as resource rich or process bound as is the norm in large organizations. We know to assess if candidates have these characteristics.

We have recruited IT professionals, engineers, HR professionals, finance / accounting professionals, consultants, marketing professionals, call center workers, office workers of all kinds, customer service reps .... .

When we build a performance map for use in a recruitment, we get deep insight into the performance requirements of the job. Combine this with the fact that we were managers first, recruiters second, and we are quite comfortable in a wide variety of professionals. .

Technical skills are NECESSARY but not SUFFICIENT to deliver excellent performance on the job. When we are asked to recruit for a position where are not sure that we can assess the extent of the candidate's technical skills, we will work with a functional specialist to help us in the recruitment. Go to Top of Page

The following two tables explain it all.
Click here to see them as a PDF that you can print out.

Or have a conversation with us.
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