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Recruit For Future Performance™
Give us your recruiting glut and muck,
we give you back great final candidates -
for a great price!

Looking for Talent


We are out to make your recruiting easy.

As experienced recruiters and past people managers, we know exactly what information you will need tto find the right candidates. We make getting that information together as efficient as possible for you.

Step One: Getting Ready to Recruit

We start by helping you putting together an effective recruiting package using our "Recruit For Future Performance"™ process. You get:

1. a performance profile which describes the 5 to 7 main responsibilities for which the new hire will be accountable in the first 3 to 12 months, along with performance measures for each,

2. a 'high attraction" job advertisement based on the performance profile
which you can use on free Internet posting services such as Kijiji and Craigslist,

3. a checklist you can use to eliminate low quality resumes,

4. an interview guide based on the performance profile which you can use to interview your final candidates.

5. a copy of our "Recruit for Future Performance" e-learning program.

We do this for a low fixed price,
3.5% of the income associated with the position,
with a minumun fee of $1500.

Based on this well structured information,
you can do the recruitment yourself.

Step Two: You Ask Us to Do the Recruitment

We will do all of the work:

1. posting on the right job boards,

2. reviewing the resumes that come in,

3. picking long list candidates, sorting through the "good resumes" with follow up telephone / Skype conversations and "work based performance simulations",

4. in-depth interviewing the final candidates, using our "show us how you will perform on this job" format, so that we end up with a few high quality candidates to present to you.

We will send you short, regular updates on our progress by e-mail.

Once we have identified the high quality candidates,
we will send you a final candidate package, and talk with you about the the individuals we are presenting.

We ask you to meet with them quickly,
since good folks don't stay on the market for long.

Find out more by watching the following short video.

Our Recruiting Fees

We do this work on a consulting basis. We keep time sheets.
You only get billed for the time we put into finding your candidates.
We ask you to provide 1/2 of the estimated asignment fees upfront, to confirm the assignment.

If it takes us less time to find the right person, we will refund you the diference.

Since you need to know how much a difficut recruitment might cost,
we cap our assignment billing at 25% of the income associated with the position.
(This cap includes the 3.5% that covered the preparation of the recruiting package.)

We expect that only the most difficult recruitments,
the ones for special talents rare in the market place,
will reach the cap.
Most recruitments are done for much less.


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