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Recruiting Resources and White Papers


WeCrut4U will be publishing web videos and e-learning material that provide candidates and hiring decision makers with tools and insights to improve the recruiting / hiring process.
Click here to access them.

White Papers:

We create white papers that may be useful to our candidates or hiring decision makers.
You may download a single copy of these resources for your own personal use. You may access the voice over presentations or videos on the web for your own use. If you want to do anymore more with any of this material, please contact us.
IWAP Reference Manual IWAP (Individual Work Action Profile) reference manual describing its constructions and use.

IWAP (Individual Work Action Profile) is the psychological instrument WeCrut4U uses to investigate potential fit between the working style of the hiring manager and the working style of final candidates. By and large, the payback from the use of a behavior based instrument such as this comes in more difficult recruitments at senior levels. We currently use IWAP in a paper format. We will be creating an on-line version.

"Hiring Talent: The Tough Job of Staffing Knowledge Work Positions" PDF
A white paper which descibes what you need to do successfuly hire knowledge workers (e.g. IT professional, engineers, life sciences professionals ....).

Leaders in innovative organizations;
HR Professionals

"Recruiting For Innovation" Voice Over get PDF here
Traditional recruiting techniques may work for organizations that have well established processes and practices, but they do not find the talent needed by organizations that need to be innovative, internally or in the marketplace.

Board Members;
Chief Talent Officers;
C-Level Executives;

WeCrut4U.com's Approach to Interviewing Senior Manager Candidates: An Discussion Between Two Hiring Managers Animated Video Clip:
Two peer managers about to play squash talk about how to interview a candidate for a plant manager's job.
Professional Recruiters;
HR Recruiters


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